About Molly Beard

Molly BeardMolly is a third generation weaver following in the very large footsteps of her grandparents, Ray and MaryAlice Beard and her uncle, John Beard. As a young girl she was constantly fascinated watching her grandfather weave and her grandmother spin yarn, often asking them to ‘please keep going!’ When she got older she placed herself under their tutelage to learn about Navajo-style weaving. She considers herself very fortunate for the eight years of weekly lessons with her grandparents; lessons that were as much about life as they were about weaving and spinning. While she continues to utilize traditional Navajo looms, techniques, and patterns she is very intrigued by the question of ‘what else will these skills yield?’ and frequently puts modern twists into her work. She is motivated by color, the very subjective concept of beauty, and a desire to progress lovingly handmade art into our world.

“Every row of yarn woven into a rug is a slow process, almost a prayer or meditative action. If every action is done with intentional kindness, gratitude, and love, what overall effect might that have?”