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Big 500

So that wonderful and crazy art show/Oregon Food Bank fundraiser I was a part of last year? Yep, doing it again! For those that don’t remember, The Big 500 is an art show with several very cool twists. Known and unknown artists? Check. Everyone limited to using 8″ square plywood boards as the base for their pieces? Check. Massive diversity in art type and style? Check. All pieces sell for $40? Check. A good portion of the proceeds going to the Oregon Food Bank? Check!

This year I decided to explore my little painted birds on fabric. Combine those cuties with a wild hair to try and utilize the natural wood grain on my boards, add more collage bits (crayon! Silk! Mod Podge!) and… I gotta say I’m pretty happy with the results.

The show is at the People’s Art Gallery on the top floor of the Pioneer Place Mall. Opening day, which is super fun, is on Saturday December 13th from 2-9pm. Regular gallery hours for the rest of the month-long show are Thursday through Sunday 12-6pm. American Goldfinch cranes lady ruby throat hummingbird Northern Flicker ruby crowned kinglet #1 ruby crowned kinglet #2