My First Gallery Show

Nerves and butterflies and anxiety. Oh my.

This was me in the weeks leading up to my very first gallery show at the University of Portland in the Buckley Center Gallery. I would vacillate between calm and collected to wild-eyed panic. What might happen? What should happen? Did I prepare everything right? Did I forget anything? Doubt and uncertainty and SO many questions without answers.UofP Gallery 1 UofP Gallery 2

In the middle of all this preparing for the show and finishing Raven 1, it occurred to me that these two things together were trying to tell me something; actually, they were trying to tell me lots of somethings. That being uncomfortable is ok. That growing as an artist or a person should not always be easy or straightforward. That doubt is an important part of the process of learning. Most of all, that if it is really important to me it will be worth the effort, no matter how difficult it is at the time.


With all that I have some very big Thank-Yous to give. To Pat Bognar of the U of P Buckley Gallery for offering me the opportunity to have this show. To the Pelley’s for introducing me to Pat. To my family for their unceasing support, advice and love. To my wonderful spouse for being, well, wonderful! And most of all to my Grandparents for teaching me these skills to become an artist and to try and give some more beauty to our world.


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