O Raven, How Frustrating Art Thou?

Well. He’s done. Easily the longest thing I’ve had on the loom in a while, though not out of necessity. Raven, well, he is a handsome guy. Technically the most complicated piece I’ve done. A new technique (for me) involving lots of single warp wrap-and-join…something I had to figure out as I went and a technique that was figured out only after hours of work, tearing out the mistakes and trying again. And again. And again.

A piece that I nearly took off the loom and burned no less than four times. (Thank you, Carl, for talking me off that ledge!!!)

Yes he was maddening. Yes I’m still not happy with it. But after many days of being really sad about how he turned out I did find room for the very cool things that it does come with. Things like how the subtle feather colors really did work out well, how very much attitude mr. raven projects, and how in a not-so-subtle-way it really good for me to be uncomfortable with what I’m doing.

Not uncomfortable in the ‘oh-no-what-have-I-done’ fashion. No, definitely not that! More that discomfort you feel when you are stretching, whether your muscles or you mind, and allowing space for something else to be.

I am proud to present Raven 1, as there will definitely be another. 52cm x 99cm, 165 hours. Raven 1


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