Townsend’s Warbler

Now this has been a fun and expanding experience. I finally finished the collage piece that I wrote about seven weeks ago. I finished it quite awhile past, actually, then hung it on my wall to see what my eye might find after a few days. (Giggle, giggle) and I laugh because those ‘few days’ turned into nearly a month! Why should I take it down when every day revealed something new?

Townsends Warbler


New perceptions about old concepts like lighting. Of course different lighting changes things! But with a semi 3D piece where and when it was hung resulted in very different focuses. This alone has given me another dozen ideas on how to execute some of the details. It also gave me ideas about potential ways to play with the layering: how to make it more complex, simple or subtle. I find that I can spend the necessary breaks (from sitting in front of the loom) painting, as I must wait for each layer to dry before the next can go down. Mostly what I realized was how much I really, really like this method of rendering images and ideas.

There will definitely be more exploring time with the collage pieces. It is such a lovely method of expression!

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